CSE 120 - Computer Architecture - Fall 2020

Instructor: Sagnik Nath (sanath@ucsc.edu)

Lecture: Mon Wed Fri 4:00 pm to 5:05 pm

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Recommended textbook(not compulsory for course) : Computer Organization and Design RISC-V Edition, 1st Edition, The Hardware Software Interface by David Patterson and John Hennessy


MSI Support 

At Learning Support Services (LSS) Tutors, Learning Assistants, and staff work with campus partners to support students and advance educational equity by designing inclusive learning environments in Modified Supplemental Instruction, Small Group Tutoring, and Writing Support. Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI) support is offered for this course. In MSI, you can expect the MSI leader to facilitate cooperative group activities designed to have students work together on the course content. MSI is offered at least three times each week for the entire quarter. The MSI leader is an undergraduate student who took the class, did well, and is trained to facilitate group sessions to focus on you, the students, and what you need to succeed in the course. LSS provides continuous training for MSI leaders to create inclusive spaces for students and facilitate group work effectively. MSI is for everyone and open to all students in class to get extra practice on the things you already know or the things you want to know better. Attendance is voluntary; however, students who attend MSI sessions weekly earn a higher final grade than students who do not participate in MSI.


Want to be successful with MSI? Bring your books, lecture notes, questions, and be open to working collaboratively with your peers. All sessions will be provided via Zoom in Fall 2020. You can access the MSI Schedule on TutorTrac or check out Learning Support Services’ website for more information on MSI and other programs LSS offers to support student success. 



MSI Study Group Support

In addition to regular Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI) Support, MSI Study Groups are offered for this course. In MSI Study Groups you can expect a regular time to meet with a consistent small group to practice course content together. MSI Study Groups have a max capacity of 6 students so students get more personalized practice time than in the larger MSI sessions. 

MSI Study Groups are led by an undergraduate student (Study Group Leader) who took the class, did well in it, and is trained to plan sessions that are personalized to you and your groupmates. The Study Group Leader gets to know who you are, how you learn, what you know really well, and where you need a little more support! MSI Study Groups have a weekly commitment (you must sign-up ahead of time), and students can attend up to 2 MSI Study Groups per week. You can sign up for MSI Study Groups on TutorTrac. All sessions will be provided via Zoom in Fall 2020.



Frequently Asked Questions (about enrollment)

Q: Is the course  online? A: Yes, but we prefer the term remote. The course is not automated, and this is an in-person course that has been abruptly moved online. There are still human staff members holding class remotely.

Q: Can you send me a permission code? A: No. We will be using the enrollment system's automated processing of the waitlist to fill any vacancies. In truly exceptional cases, we will consider requests from undergraduate advising (not directly from students) once the quarter has started.

Q: Since the course is remote, will you be expanding it? A: Probably not. Although we are no longer limited by room size, we are still maintaining the same student:staff ratio.

Q: What are the course prerequisites? A: From the course catalog: CSE 12 and CSE 12L; and CSE 13E or CSE 13S or CSE 11 or CSE 14 and CSE 14L. CSE 16 recommended.

Q: Should I do anything to prepare for remote learning? A: Double check your internet meets the campus connectivity requirements..